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Nevado San Mateo


Objective: to climb to the summit from the city of Huaraz and return in only one day.
Difficulty level: Easy to moderate (NO experience required)
REQUIRED: Acclimatization at least one day before the climb, Physical Performance. Personal technical equipment in good condition

Información general


  • Tourist transportation
  • Official tour guide.
  • Entrance tickets to the tourist attraction.
  • Mountain guide
  • Picnic (water)
  • Technical team
  • Crampons
  • Mountain boots
  • Climbing harness
  • Carabiners
  • Ropes
  • Picota
  • Anchoring implements
  • First aid kit

No incluye:

  • Food, glasses, socks, pants, gloves, personal prescription drugs and tips.


Nevado San Mateo Tour

Departure: 03:00 h. Each client is picked up at their respective hotel, which will take approximately 15 minutes by car. Once with the whole group, the guide and the mountain equipment will head north to the city of Huaraz (3,052 masl). to the city of Carhuaz (2,640 masl) through the Callejón de Huaylas (inter-Andean valley formed between the Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Negra). Then, we will go eastward ascending the coils of the Ulta Valley at an altitude of 4,763m. s. n. m, Punta Olimpica at 2hrs and 30 min by bus, at this place we will leave the bus approx. (6:00 a.m.) where we will prepare the material and technical equipment to start climbing. 7:00 am: For the Moraine part it will take us approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach the base of the Mateo Glacier (5,000 m.a.s.l.) 9:00 am: After a brief rest we will have the technical equipment (hiking boots, crampons, harness, helmet and ice axe) ready to begin our ascent to the summit, which will take us approximately 3 hours.

(*) Moraine: Union of rocky sediments.

(*) Ropes: to tie or bind to the rope in this case climbing.

(*) Controlled descent: is a procedure for hanging a rope, this rope anchored to an anchor.

12:00 pm: Once at the summit, we will have a picnic and take pictures for 45 minutes. 12.45 pm: We will start descending until we leave the snowy area for approximately 2 hours, then we will take off our technical equipment to continue down the moraine, all this will take us a total of 3 hours until Punta Olimpica where the bus will be waiting for us. 4:15 pm: finally the bus will return us by the same route that we have climbed 2h and 30min to the city of Huaraz in the direction of their respective hotels.

Important Fact:

Under the latest technical research on mountain climbing procedures, it is recommended to walk or climb at a speed of 1.5 km PER HOUR MAXIMUM. Running long distances for an average of 45min to 1h and then taking a break, drinking liquids and eating in small proportions. Most people walk approximately 5k/h in the city.

Important Fact:

Two pairs of socks maximum (absorbent cotton). Two layers: One layer of cotton for the coat and another raincoat two on the lower back: One inner layer for the coat and one raincoat. Two layers on the hands (warm gloves and waterproof gloves). A buff (scarf). A balaclava. Dark lenses. A backpack of at least 55 liters

Climbing Procedure:

Once we arrive at the base of the glacier and after we have equipped ourselves with the technical equipment, the guide will rope the harness to all the participants of the climb; if there are two people, he will climb first about 30 meters. where you will set up an anchor for the next two people to climb. And so repeat the action up to the same summit, this system is called "arrow". If there are more than two people, they will go up in line, this procedure is when the guide goes forward and the clients behind at a distance of 8 m (26 ft). to the summit.

Descent Procedures:

Depending on the inclination that the snow has given to the snow, the descent will be in the form of a controlled descent or in line and always roped where the guide will be behind to protect the climbers through the rope.

Condiciones y vigencia:

Service in pull (In group). Price per person. Valid until December 31, 2024, including New Year, Easter and National Holidays. Does not include tickets from city of origin to city of origin and vice versa. Subject to availability. Cancellations / postponements of reservations must be made 2 days before the arrival of the tourist, otherwise 50% of the package will be charged. In case of no show 100% of the package will be charged, the reservation will be considered cancelled when you have the cancellation confirmation sent by our reservations department via email: Prices include IGV / Prices exonerated of IGV (for Amazon destinations)

Plan de vigilancia y control Covid – 19

Contamos con plan de vigilancia y control Covid – 19. aprobado por el MINSA. Aplicamos todo los protocolos de Bioseguridad en todas nuestras Operaciones y en los atractivos Turísticos, a demás facilidades de cambio en reserva y cancelaciones, previa coordinación con nuestro departamento de reservas.


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