Guanape Islands Tour

Guanape Islands Tour


Información general


  • Tourist service transportation from Trujillo – Puerto Morín – Trujillo
  • Maritime transport (tourist boat with safety equipment required by the standard: life jackets and rings, GPS, fire extinguisher, flares, emergency kit).
  • Specialized guidance by professionals with experience in navigation and the environment.
  • Personal biosecurity kit (personal gel alcohol + surgical mask)
  • Solar energy on board.
  • Maritime tour of the Cerro Negro point.
  • Visit to the North Guanape Island.
  • Visit to Cantores islet.
  • Life insurance against accidents.
  • Permanent Assistance.

No incluye:

  • Right of entry to the ANP – SERNANP (Regional s/. 5.00 – National S/. 11.00 – Foreigners S/. 30.00)
  • Lunches (average of S/. 20.00)
  • Entrance to the Artisanal Fishing Landing (DPA) Puerto Morín. = S/ 2.00 per person


Confirmed departures in July.

- Visit to Puerto Morin

- Visit to the island Guañape Norte

- Visit to Cantores Islet

Package Detail:

Departure from the city of Trujillo at 6:30 a.m. bound for Puerto Morín, arriving at approximately 7:50 a.m. Arrival at the port and entrance to the Puerto Morín Artisanal Fishing Landing (DPA) with TIME of meeting at 08:00 am, an introduction on safety and rules that must be followed will immediately be provided keep in mind during the tour; the ZARPE will be at 8:30 am and TIME OF RETURN TO THE PORT 12:30 pm. The travel time to reach the Guañape Islands ANP is 01:00 hours, on the island we will visit 05 Points de Observación (con tiempo de recorrido de 01:00 hora aprox), a continuación, se describe el atractivo turístico for each stop or observation point. Return to the city of Trujillo at 3:30 pm from Puerto Morín

Description of activities for each Stop on the Tourist Route, Guañape Islands:

1. The beginning of the Guañape Norte island will be observed, observation of biodiversity such as guano birds (pelicans, guanay, boobies), sea lions and accompanying species. Thus, the geomorphology of the island will also be observed.

2. Sea lions will be observed at the perimeter of the island and sea birds.

3. We will begin to observe and describe the buildings built for the development of the guano activity, extraction, processing and final destination of the extracted product "island guano".

4. We will observe more humboldt penguins, sea lions and sea birds.

5. Cantores Islet, this place is considered a sea lion colony, where we will find the natural habitat of sea lions, it will be possible to observe sea lions in their growth stages, juveniles and adults, we will describe the behavior, development and feeding of this marine species. From this point we will be able to observe the Guañape Sur island in the distance.

Plan de vigilancia y control Covid – 19

Contamos con plan de vigilancia y control Covid – 19. aprobado por el MINSA. Aplicamos todo los protocolos de Bioseguridad en todas nuestras Operaciones y en los atractivos Turísticos, a demás facilidades de cambio en reserva y cancelaciones, previa coordinación con nuestro departamento de reservas.


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